Art Shows

Mt. Airy Performing Arts welcomes local artists from the Greater Philadelphia area to exhibit work with us.   Interested artists, please contact us at 215-248-1810 or Lynn Smith Dolby at



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Rocio Cabello is a visual artist, educator and cultural activist originally from Peru. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York and worked at RC Art Group, the studio she founded with her siblings in 1988, which provided illustrations and photography to the fashion, advertising and retail industries.  She relocated to Philadelphia in 2003 and focused more on her personal passions of art and gardening and growing her family.

Her current art making practice involves writing and drawing with bailing wire, on themes of growth, loss, motherhood, our tragic disconnect with nature among others. The more public aspect of her practice includes public murals, sidewalk paintings, playground floor games and a handful of “green interventions” in the form of public unfenced gardens in NY and now in Philly.

In 2012, she co-founded iMPeRFeCT Gallery with her husband Renny Molenaar, an alternative art and performance space in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, where they live with their sons Giza and Cory and which she hopes to infuse with art.

Artist Satement

What motivates us to do what we do?  What are the things that we strive for?  What are our challenges? These “Suspended Thoughts” are meditations on those powerful forces that make the world go around and bring out the best and worst in humanity.

These forces are what I search for, ponder and question in my journey for personal growth while attempting to help make a better world, or maybe just to find purpose in my own life and meditate on its impact on those around me.

I also write reminders to myself of my own lessons, my own realizations, so as to not repeat past mistakes.  They usually surround me in my living, and they have served me well.

To go into my thoughts, slow down, look deep…







Curator: Lynn Smith Dolby,
Opening is SUNDAY, November 18th, 3:00-6:00 pm